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Jan 19, 2013 5:00am PST
. also ahead, cutting edge technology at the dentist office. and it's about to make wearing >> an interesting job is opening up at apple. the company wants a writer to turn siri into a recognizable character. >> isaac. >> what do you want to say to isaac? >> plants need to have a love of language, a sense of word play and experience in creative content, especially in a tech environment. so if you have quick jokes and quick comebacks, apple wants to hear from you. >>> heavenly mountain resort at lake tahoe is opening a giant half pipe today for the first time in five years. the half pipe is 18 feet high and 450 feet long. despite the intimidating dimensions, the run is designed for all levels of experience. the half pipe is inside high roller park, one ever heavenly mountain's theater rain park. it opens at noon and it is the only half pipe on lake tahoe's south shore. wow, the first time in five years that. speaks to the snow, i presume. >> yes, mother nature has not been helping out with that. we have the high surf advisory at the beaches that will allow for caution this we
Jan 22, 2013 5:00am PST
officials to look into current technology contracts with microsoft. >> if you are in new york over the weekend and saw a familiar face, yes, that was google co-founder riding the subway over the weekend while wearing hot new technology in a new google glasses presumably testing them out on the subway which searching internet for a map or forecast and it appears before your eyes. the man who took this picture chatted with the c.e.o. calling him the most powerful man in the world and a very nice guy who probably could have bought the subway train. >> we have a different perspective of the maverick surf competition. this is dave trying to catch a wide and peter mel rides up on him and the 43-year-old mel won the competition in the 8 the attempt and split the $50,000 winnings with the other top finishers. the video is from go pro. >> i want to put that camera on my kids' skis. >> better than what the parents take, the pictures. >> now, everyone, we are coming up on 5:47. looking to the port of oak, -- oakland, it is clear as far as rain. we have more moisture and not as cold as the las
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2